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Review: Jade 4 - Building & Heating Specialists

Avoid - they took my £12,000 for my kitchen deposit and never came to do the works..... had to get another loan to get done.... left me and my children's with no water

Reviewed by Katie Willis on 05/09/2023

Review: Rhymney Day Centre

The above number "01685840666" is NOT the correct number for Rhymney day centre, this is in fact my home number. Could this please be amended, thanks.

Reviewed by Rachel Arthur on 03/07/2023

Review: Wood, I

1st class taxi service

Reviewed by John Jones on 24/03/2023

Review: Relay Taxis

An amazing company who are always on time. Cars are spotless and the driver's couldn't be nicer. I won't use anyone else.

Reviewed by Jeannette Mcintyre on 01/03/2023

Review: I.c.s.

Im here to tell you all about the excellent 'Stuarts micrometer engineers marking', and then share with you the reason for it being the most infuriating thing in our workshop. Stuarts micrometer is a great product. it works really well for me when im making a bearing fit a crankshaft. The infuriating part, however, lies with the tin. I have truly never struggled so hard to get in to something. Its like that jar of picled onions thats been sat in your cupboard for the past decade because the lid was to tight to open, or trying to undo your trousers really quickly because your just about to redecorate the inside of your pants, but your belt is stuck. Whenever he shuffles off this mortal coil, the diabolical madman that designed the offending tin will surely be greeted by satan and all his filthy minions-we have had to resort to clamping the bottom in a vice and using the strength of an angry silverback to pry the top loose, by which time we are all too tired to work anymore, so we just go for a cup of tea and to rest our eyes for ten minutes(we're not asleep......). Please do something to right this horrific injustice, before lives are claimed. I mean, why not just put it in a tube?!

Reviewed by martin hooper on 27/01/2023

Review: Dragon Frenchpolishers

Dragon Furniture Repairs collected my four dining chairs at the end of April 2022 for repairs.It is now the end of October and they are not back. I cannot ring (blocked) and he does not reply to my emails or messages. !! ?? One star rating is too much.

Reviewed by Martyn Webb on 31/10/2022

Review: Narcon Ltd

What would you expect with a company with such a name!!!

Reviewed by Margarett Finn on 06/04/2021

Review: Robert Wallace

Always good quality with first class service. Recommend to anyone

Reviewed by Allan Maddocks on 29/09/2020